James "Jimbo" Barton

Jonas has a wide array of experience composing and producing with many films, television underscore's and blockbuster trailers under his belt. From huge orchestral scores, spacious soundscapes to indie rock hooks, his melodic, dramatic stlye is the perfect compliminent for any project no matter how tall. Sorman hails from Sweden and resides in Los Angeles.

It'd be tough to overestimate the respect that the Grammy-nominated producer, engineer, mixer James "Jimbo" Barton commands among musicians, artists and fellow audio architects. He began his career in Australia mentored early on by Bill Armstrong and Roger Savage. After a thorough education in film scoring, mixing and recording orchestral sections, he rapidly made a name for himself among local bands Split Enz, Crowded House and Men At Work. If your one of the millions of fans that have downloaded "American Idol" recordings from Itunes, you've heard Barton's handiwork. Creating and finishing for Reel Music, Barton's skills are impeccable. 

Reel Music

J.J. Farris 

...sound for your vision

Film scoring  may seem like a professional 180 for someone publicy revered for his worldwide rock status, but the music industry can observe that for Scott Rockenfield, it's actually coming full circle. A childhood passion for listening to movie music has grown over 20 years into a polished and focused talent for creating the music ride that tells a film's story on the wings of the score. Scott resides in Seattle and tours with his rock band Queensryche between and during heavy deadlines.

Scott Rockenfield

Jonas Sorman

​​JJ Farris is a versatile and prolific composer, songwriter, producer, arranger and mixer. He’s a multi-instrumentalist with a wealth of experience that ranges from critically acclaimed original bands to a unique composer with countless hours of score and music cuts that can be heard across multiple platforms on a daily basis. Farris founded Reel Music in 2000 as a creative outlet to showcase his works and to collaborate with incredible musicians and writers. With Farris as the driving force, Reel Music has established long-term relationships with networks, film studios and music library's writing custom music cuts, songs and underscore daily.